HydroMax: Premium Kitchen Garden Trial Pack

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This all-in-one premium kit is designed to provide you with everything you need to embark on your journey into hydroponics, ensuring optimal plant growth and maximum yields.

  • Dutch Bucket
  • Hydro Nutrients
  • High Quality Seeds
  • LECA Balls
  • Training
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Set of

1 Plant, 5 Plants, 10 Plants


Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Brinjal, Chili, Okra, Sponge Gourd, Tomato

  1. Priyank Tiwari


    Active customer service

  2. SJ


    Best price range

  3. NIRJA


    Easy to setup.

  4. Simply Urban


    User manual contain all detail

  5. ramya

    My plant is thriving!

  6. ria

    Customer support is excellent.

  7. N.Priyanka

    Would definitely recommend to others.

  8. Aishwarya

    Definitely recommend to others

  9. Ayushi

    A great way to get started with indoor gardening.

  10. tanvi

    The plant is so healthy and beautiful.

  11. Anusha

    Delivery service can improve

  12. Chandralekha

    Great quality materials.

  13. Chandralekha

    materials is good

  14. Aniket

    Best kit to buy

  15. krithika

    manual is usefull

  16. manish

    Delivery service is delay

  17. Aditya

    Plants growing well

  18. Rishita

    Customer support is good

  19. Ankit

    Highly recommend for all gardening enthusiasts

  20. kriya

    My kitchen garden has never looked better since I started using HydroMax.

  21. manisha

    Such an incredible product! The Dutch Bucket is sturdy and well-designed.

  22. Chandra

    The Hydro Nutrients work wonders

  23. Adi

    The Dutch Bucket is so convenient, and the hydro nutrients keep my plants healthy.

  24. Rishi

    Wow, I never knew hydroponics could be this easy! The High Quality Seeds provided in the kit are sprouting beautifully.

  25. Aishya

    Definitely recommend to others

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