Hydroponic Melody Vase (6 inch) – Set of 30


Looking for a sustainable way to grow your indoor plants? The Bluegreens hydroponics Plant Kit is here to revolutionize your gardening experience! With LECA balls and a nutrient-rich solution, you can say goodbye to harmful chemicals and soil depletion. Take control of your plant’s growth and join us in our quest for a greener future.

The starter kit includes everything you need to get started with hydroponics :

1. A set of high-quality LECA balls, which stands for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate. These small, porous balls are made by heating clay at high temperatures, causing it to expand and become lightweight. LECA balls are an excellent alternative to soil because they are sterile, pH neutral, and provide excellent aeration and drainage for plant roots.

2. A high-quality glass container. The clear glass container allows you to see the roots of your plants as they grow, adding an aesthetic appeal to your indoor gardening. The glass container is also a durable and long-lasting option that can withstand frequent use and multiple cleanings.

3. Indoor Plant

4. Bluegreens Expert Nutrients With Measuring Dropper

5. Instruction Card

Benefits of Bluegreens Starter Hydroponic kit:

  1. One of the benefits of using LECA balls for hydroponics is that they are reusable.
  2. After several months, simply rinse the LECA balls with water and reuse them. This makes it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to grow your plants.
  3. The hydroponics starter kit with LECA balls is suitable for a wide range of house plants, including succulents, herbs, and tropical plants. It’s an excellent way to get started with hydroponics and explore this exciting new method of plant cultivation.
  4. The kit is easy to use and provides a hassle-free way to maintain healthy and beautiful plants in your home.

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