Premium Kitchen Garden Seedlings

“A Healthy Child leads to Healthy life” well this is very much applicable to plants as well. “A healthy Seedling turns into a healthy Plant”

With Our Premium Kitchen Garden Seedling Kit, you get 100 High-quality premium vegetable seedlings. Just by looking at them, you’ll realize how healthy they are. This single inventment will considerably reduce your efforts of growing vegetables.

In this kit you get:

  • 100 Vegetable Plant Seedlings – A Mix of all the seasonal vegetables. 
  • Seedlings are prepared with very high-quality green-house standards premium seeds. We choose our seeds after rigorous testing. All crops will have the best seed in their category.
  • Seed treatment is done so that your plants stay healthy.
  • High-Quality seeds not only give you a high yield but also catch fewer diseases. 
  • Free delivery in NCR
  • Shipped within 15 days of order.

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