Ready to Transform Your Garden?

Experience Faster Growth, Cleaner Gardening, and Abundant Harvests!

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How It Works: Five Easy Steps

Step 1

Begin by gently removing your plant from the soil

Step 2

Carefully rinse the soil from the roots to prepare them for the semi-hydroponic journey.

Step 3

Place your plant into a container filled with LECA balls, which provide optimal aeration and moisture control.

Step 4

Mix our nutrient-rich formula with water and administer it to your plants as needed. The LECA balls and nutrient blend work in harmony to deliver precise nourishment.

Step 5

Witness your plants flourish in this semi-hydroponic environment, experiencing faster growth and healthier development.

What Our Customers Say

I have numerous indoor plants, and transitioning them to semi-hydroponics with Bluegreens was the right decision. They're healthier, and I worry less about overwatering. Highly recommended!


I've been gardening for years, and Bluegreens conversion kit has truly transformed my garden. My plants are thriving like never before, and the process was so easy. It's a game-changer


Witness your plants thrive and grow faster than ever before