HydroBloom: Standard Kitchen Garden Trial Pack

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The Hydro Bloom Trial Kit offers a seamless introduction to hydroponics, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener seeking a new and efficient growing method.

  • Dutch Bucket
  • Hydro Nutrients
  • High quality Seeds
  • LECA Balls
  • Export Quality Coco peat – Low Ec
  • Training 
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Set of

1 Plant, 5 Plants, 10 Plants


Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Brinjal, Chili, Okra, Sponge Gourd, Tomato

  1. Ravinder Kumar Tomar


    Low EC cocopeat best for plant

  2. amarjitsingh bhinder


    Easy to install

  3. Vishwa Nath


    Delay in delivery

  4. Nisha Sabharwal


    All in one kit

  5. Nilratan Mazumdar


    Good quality of seed

  6. Eli Solomon


    No chemical

  7. Tisha

    I’m so glad I found this One Plant Kit

  8. vivek

    Dutch bucket is good

  9. vedant

    Premium seed

  10. nishi

    Quality seed

  11. ankur

    No harmfull chemical

  12. Katherine

    No chemical

  13. jay

    Looks great in my home.

  14. Rishabh

    Looks beautiful

  15. Harish

    Everything you need included.

  16. Arya

    Good Kit

  17. Paaus

    Late in delivery

  18. Soham

    Late in delivery

  19. kavya

    Great quality materials.

  20. kavya

    Good materials

  21. Rishi

    HydroBloom = Success! Thriving kitchen garden!

  22. Aryan

    Newbie-friendly hydroponics! Dutch Bucket is great!”

  23. Soha

    LECA Balls are fantastic! Thanks, HydroBloom!

  24. kiya

    I’m Happy customer! Best gardening decision!

  25. vini

    Loving HydroBloom! Easy hydroponics for beginners.

  26. nitin

    Impressive results! Hydro Nutrients work wonders!

  27. Kabir

    Perfect Trial Kit! High-quality seeds & coco peat. A+

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