HydroPro Soil-to-Hydroponic Conversion Kit

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With the Soil-to-Hydroponic Conversion Kit, you can easily switch your plants to hydroponics and enjoy the benefits of healthier, happier plants. Order your kit today and start growing in the future!

Grow your plants healthier and faster with this hydroponic conversion kit!

This kit includes everything you need to convert any soil plant into a hydroponic system, including:

With these simple steps, you’ll be able to successfully convert any soil plant into a hydroponic system! Order now and start enjoying the benefits of hydroponics today!


  1. Kalyani

    This is practical use of hydroponic. Plants stay healthy. Initially I was not clear on nutrient usage, but then I whatsapp them and they helped me.

  2. Ankit

    I saw this on instagram. I DM them to know more about this and then purchased. This team is really good. They helped me out in whole process. They have training videos as well. In the end I can’t tell you how happy I am that my plants have water and nutrient all the time. I don’t have to water everyday and plants are healthier.

  3. manu

    Initially plant seemed to be dying but in 2-3 days I saw new leaves coming. Now Plant is thriving. Good Product.

  4. Aaditya

    Good product. Hydroponic only

  5. Shreya

    my first plant died. They I contacted them and they told me that balls had to be soaken for 48 hours. I did that and tried with other plant. I worked. It’s easy to use. The way it is growing I think I will replace all my plants with leca balls and hydroponic nutrient.

  6. pawan

    Honestly speaking, I risked one plant with this kit, but results were astonishing. I am not sure why they call it semi-hydroponic. But this works. Watering is also not a problem as plants stay in water all the time.

  7. pawan

    I tried on my rose plant. It is thriving. I can leaves increasing every day and flowers are also coming. I think this is more practical application of Hydroponic. Wonderful product.

  8. Kalyani

    Overall Worth trying. I will probably not change my all plants, but definitely I am thinking of updating my indoor plants from soil to soilless

  9. manu

    Nice Product

  10. Neelam

    This kit is a great value for the price.

  11. Aaditya

    very nice product. I am learning from this kit. Plants are healthy, I feel leaves are growing bigger and darker.

  12. Ankit

    Thank you for such a great product!

  13. Shreya

    No need of maintaince regularly. You can leave the plants for 10 days in same water and nothing will happen. Infact they will become healthy, thanks to the hydroponic nutrient. This is a practical product.

  14. Nishant

    I was not clear on this product, but due to low price I just purchased. I was surprised. It comes with leca balls and hydroponic nutrient. You replace the soil with leca balls and add water and nutrient.

  15. Amit

    They have training videos as well. Overall good products

  16. kamalika

    Good product. I wish they gave plants as well. I had to buy plant separately

  17. SURESH

    There has never been a better time for my plant.

  18. shivani

    Someone gifted me with an indoor plant. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I keep it on my work desk. I don’t have to water daily and plants grow better. Love it 🙂

  19. Nisha

    The HydroPro Conversion Kit is user-friendly and perfect for beginners like me.

  20. Amitya

    My herbs are flourishing, and I’m saving so much water compared to traditional soil gardening.

  21. kanika

    Thrilled with the results

  22. Sundar

    It made transitioning my plants to hydroponics

  23. shiva

    Absolutely loving the HydroPro Soil-to-Hydroponic Conversion Kit

  24. Neel

    The best decision I made for my indoor garden!

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