Hydro Nutrient Pack

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This premium nutrient solution mini pack provides a complete and balanced blend of essential macro and micronutrients, delivering the perfect nourishment for your hydroponic plants at every stage of growth.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete and balanced nutrient blend
  • Ideal for all types of hydroponic systems.
  • Made with high-quality ingredients.
  • Formulated for every stage of plant growth
  • pH balanced and buffered


With our hydroponic nutrient solution, you can expect to see:

  1. Healthy, vigorous plants
  2. Large, flavorful yields
  3. Plants that are resistant to pests and diseases
  4. Plants that thrive in any environment


    1. vani

      Delay in delivery

    2. Karan

      Used in all types of plants

    3. sanchit

      All nutrient present

    4. leah

      Best for small gardens

    5. vishal

      User guide is usefull

    6. Aryan

      No harmfull chemical

    7. Naveen

      Plants are growing so fast!

    8. Aastha

      Nutrients are easy to mix.

    9. Raju

      My plants are so healthy!

    10. deepa

      I have such healthy plants!

    11. Aswini

      Nutrients are safe for my plants.

    12. Avi

      Customer service is great!

    13. Priyanka

      I love my hydro nutrients!

    14. seema

      Nutrients are safe for my plants.

    15. Vaibhav

      My plants are safe from nutrients.

    16. Ira

      The customer service is excellent!

    17. gokul

      I can’t believe how fast the plants are growing!

    18. Nikhil

      Mixing nutrients is easy.

    19. seema

      I can’t believe the difference this nutrient solution made

    20. Vaibhav

      My hydroponic herbs are now bursting with flavor and aroma.

    21. Ira

      Definitely worth of money

    22. gokul

      I’ve been using the Mini Hydro Nutrient Pack for my hydroponic garden, and I’m impressed!

    23. Nikhil

      This nutrient pack is a game-changer!

    24. deepa

      The balanced blend keeps my plants healthy and strong throughout their growth stages.

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